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The WhyTry Program helps adolescents gain insight into how to deal with life’s daily pressures and challenges.  The goal of the WhyTry Youth Program is to help adolescents answer the question “Why try in life?” when they are frustrated, confused, 
or angry with life’s pressures and challenges.  The WhyTry Youth Programs helps bring into perspective for the adolescent that trying hard in life and putting effort into challenges at home, at school, and with peers is worth the effort.
see the similarities between situations that happen during the sessions and experiences and situations that occur in other aspects of life; 

see the possibilities of the resulting benefits that the new knowledge and behaviors acquired during group sessions

be able to identify opportunities to use their new knowledge and motivated to use what they have learned through the group sessions.
WhyTry? Teen Program   
for ages 13-17

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Individual Teen Counseling is available
WhyTry? Teen Program
for ages 13 to 17 
Teen Prevention
Through the WhyTry program adolescents learn critical social and emotional principles using a series of ten pictures (visual analogies) which each teach a different principal, such as resisting peer-pressure, or that decisions have consequences, stressing that although making good decisions can be difficult, doing so results in more opportunity, freedom, and self-respect.  Giving up and doing things that hurt our self and others, on the other hand, takes away opportunities, freedom, and self respect.   The visual components are then reinforced by music and physical activities.   

The WhyTry Teen Program is a simple, hands-on curriculum which helps youth overcome their challenges and improve outcomes in the areas of truancy, behavior, and academics. 
The mission of the WhyTry Program:
To help adolescents achieve freedom, opportunity, and self-respect through education and interventions that motivate and create positive change. We offer hope and an answer to the question Why Try in life?

Click here for the Ten Principles Taught in the WhyTry Teen Program

Through the group activities and discussions, adolescents will:
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