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Many often wonder, "What kind of people go to Anger Management groups?"  
They are pleasantly surprised to find that it is people just like them--ordinary people from all walks of life wanting to get help.  People who go to anger management classes include anyone and everyone who wants to improve their lives, manage their anger, and gain greater self-control. 

Anger Management Groups may be right for you if you want to: 

Have more peace of mind
Improve your relationships
Save your relationships 
Have more self-control
Improve your health 
Learn how to relax and let go
Do not get as easily bothered or annoyed  

Get Help Today! Don't wait until anger damages your life, relationships & health!

Anger management counseling can help for personal, court, and business.  
Satisfy a Court, Legal or Employment Requirement --Certificate of Completion Awarded 

Anger Management Course [7-week program] OR ADVANCED [12-week program] 

Register now and manage anger instead of letting anger manage You
with support, skills, and techniques to manage anger for life!

Following are a few of the areas that will be covered in the New Day Counseling 
Anger Management Program:

    Triggers & Anger Buttons--What are they & how can you identify them before 
     they lead to anger reactions and outbursts?
     Do's and Don'ts of Dealing with Conflict
     Anger and Relationships--You can improve and save relationships and stop 
     anger from destroying them.
     What's Really Behind Your Anger? -- Find out how to face anger and release it

Group classes (1) day a week--
Wednesday's at 7:00 pm 
$65- 1st session only then $45 each session for remaining 7 or 12 weeks. 

Call 248-649-8050 / 586-612-3225 or REGISTER ONLINE now
Space is limited.....don't delay!

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Benefits of Anger Management Classes

We all get angry and say or do things we regret as a result.  However, when anger causes relationship or work problems, or personal distress, it has become a problem that needs to be dealt with before things get worse.  With anger management treatment, you will  learn to identify what triggers outbursts, tips and techniques on what to do when angry, and how to develop self-control.  Anger management classes can be very helpful in getting anger under control and improving one’s outlook and quality of life.  Anger will always exist, but the problems that it can cause do not have to.   Put an end to anger problems with help and support of an anger management group today and regain control over you life and well-being.

Do you want to:
Have more peace of mind
Improve your health 
Learn how to relax and let go
Improve your relationships
Save your relationships 
Have more self-control
Do not get as easily bothered or annoyed  
Call us today for anger management classes, and let us walk alongside you. But you must be willing to take the first step.  Then you can begin to move forward by contacting New Day Counseling today at 248-649-8050.
Anger Management Classes Michigan
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If you answered yes to any of the above, call us today at 248-649-8050.  
We can help you achieve your goals and improve your life.
Anger Management: What Are You So Angry About, Really? 
By Krystal Kuehn, MA, LPC, LLP, NCC, CAMS-II 

When you strike out in anger, you might miss the other person, but you will always hit yourself. ~Jim Gallery

Striking out with angry words is the cause of so many relationship problems. Words are powerful. They can encourage, strengthen, and change destinies. They can also destroy potential and robs us of hope and peace. Most major fires begin with just a small flame. Before long the fire spreads and becomes more and more difficult to contain. It damages or completely destroys everything in its path. Do we realize how quickly unmanaged anger can do significant damage? And as the quote above humorously expresses, anger always hurts the angry person. Sometimes even more so than those to whom it is directed. That is because we cannot have both peace and bitterness in our hearts. An angry person loses his or her peace and joy. Anger obstructs the expression of love, and without love there is no true happiness.

We all get angry. It is inevitable. But, not all anger is bad. We have heard stories of people who have made major contributions to society, fought against injustices, and made positive life changes as they were motivated by righteous anger. Problematic anger, on the other hand, is usually explosive, hidden, or denied. If not faced and dealt with, anger hinders our ability to have healthy and loving relationships. 

So how do we deal with anger? We can begin by recognizing the underlying emotions that lead up to our negative reactions such as feelings of hurt, frustration, shame, rejection, fear, jealousy. The next time you feel angry, ask yourself What emotion is behind my anger? You may begin to see a pattern. For example, a woman gets angry every time her boyfriend is late for their meeting. She realizes that his tardiness makes her feel rejected and this leads to her angry outbursts. What is the underlying problem that needs to be addressed? Rejection. How about the boyfriend who expresses his anger by shutting down when his girlfriend tries to engage him in conversation? As he identifies the pattern, he realizes that he feels jealous every time she talks to other guys. He tries to hide his anger and does not express his feelings to her directly, so he pulls away instead.

Anger does not have to bring ruin to our lives and relationships. There are healthy and effective ways to manage it. I have briefly discussed the underlying emotions of anger and the importance of dealing with the causes. If you need more help in this area, I highly recommend participating in an anger management group. It can be an extremely supportive and helpful resource to equip you with many tools for a better life. 

Above all else, may peace rule in our hearts, Krystal

Set peace of mind as your highest goal, and organize your life around it. 
~Brian Tracy

Copyright © 2009, 
written by Krystal Kuehn, MA, LPC, LLP, NCC, CAMS-II

Anger Management
Following are testimonies from clients that completed the New Day Counseling Anger Management Class 
Anonymous Responses to:  What did you especially like about this group?
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Anger Management


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The class helped me immensely. I felt refreshed and calmed more after each and every class. I feel like now I can become the man that I want to be and the man that I deserve to be.

It helped me to control and realize when and what to do when I start to feel angry...Excellent class!

This group was every thing I could have ever hoped for.  I love that we were able to voice our opinions on all subjects and I could freely express myself.  Thank you!
This entire class made me self-aware of my anger. All the information covered and the leader's presentation and knowledge were excellent!!
The feedback and input from the other group members and hearing their stories was especially helpful to me.  

The relaxed setting made me very comfortable to discuss my own issues.

I learned so much and it has helped me see things differently.

This group was amazing. I loved it!  It helped me identify so many things in my life that I can change and take control of for the better.
I loved that I was able to discuss anger with others so openly and freely.  Everyone had similar situations and I could relate to them.
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Anger Management 
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Anger Management Groups 
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